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Becoming A Member

We encourage you to visit a service and meet our Congregation and Pastors.

How do I become a member?

The first method is by baptism. Children who are baptized are members of our congregation with the promise that their parents will teach their children to pray, put the Scriptures in their hands and bring them to the worship services of God’s people. To assist parents with this responsibility St. Paul’ offers a Lutheran Pre-School, Sunday school and weekly Bible studies. Our children (by tradition) are confirmed at the end of eighth grade after a two year period of instruction with the pastor. Adults who have not been baptized would first take instruction classes, be baptized and then make a confession of faith in the rite of adult confirmation.

The second method is by transfer. This is when a member of another Lutheran congregation who moves to this area requests a transfer of membership from their former congregation. Instruction classes are helpful but not necessary.

The third method is affirmation of faith. This is when a baptized adult from another church body takes instruction classes and is then given the opportunity to confess their agreement with what they have been taught and become members again through adult confirmation.

Steps to Becoming a Member

  1. Register for New Member Orientation by filling out the Member/Associate Member Record Form. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  2. Attend New Member Class and Orientation: a time to hear about and engage in the ministry and mission at St Paul Lutheran Church.
What does it mean to be a member at St Paul Lutheran?
We commit to celebrate God's presence in worship, honor him through service, share & encourage others to know the love of Christ, grow in faith and support the mission & ministry of St Paul Lutheran with our financial gifts.
Are there any requirements to be a member?
Baptism and a commitment to serve Christ in this church are required for membership. If you have not been baptized, please call the Church Office, (850) 678-12898. We are happy to help make arrangements.
What is the difference between being a Member or an Associate Member?
Associate members hold membership in other Christian congregations, and wish to retain that membership, but desire to participate in the life and mission of this congregation. They have all the privileges and duties of membership except voting rights and eligibility for elected offices or Church Council.