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The grape vines on the Columbarium are drawn from the Old Testament symbol of a “cluster of grapes” reminding the faithful of the entry into Canaan, the promised land. So, also the grapes in the New Testament hold the promise of communion with God through the blood of Jesus – in, under and through the wine of the Lord’s Table. The promise of life eternal.

A Columbarium is a liturgical and aesthetically pleasing group of niches that contain the cremated remains of the departed.

The church does not encourage nor discourage the use of cremation. The act of cremation is simply a speeding up of the natural process, which the psalmist calls, a return to dust. Our Christian faith affirms a personal bodily resurrection; but it is a new body that is raised to a new life in Jesus Christ.

Burial in the churchyard adjacent to the church or even within the church has been a common practice down through the centuries. Because cremation has become more common in recent years, the church is attempting to meet the needs of its people.  It is important to have a place of remembrance for those saints who have served Christ’s church here on earth. The columbarium is a connection between the Church militant and the Church triumphant, a consoling link between life and death.

Those individuals directly associated with St. Paul Lutheran Church and their immediate families are eligible to be inurned in the Columbarium.

There is a one-time cost of *$400 for each niche. This rate increase became effective January 1, 2009. The cost is all-inclusive with a uniform bronze nameplate and perpetual care. Each plate includes the name of the individual inurned, their date of birth and date of death.  

No remains may be inurned in a columbarium niche without committal service as provided in the Lutheran Order of Worship.

The Memorial Garden is open to visitors at all times that the church is open to the public. Families may make arrangements for a special time by contacting the church office.

Contact the church office or write to St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1407 E. John Sims Parkway, Niceville, Florida 32578 and request that a representative make an appointment that is mutually convenient.