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Weddings & Funerals

A wedding at St. Paul Lutheran Church is a worship service. It is not just a social occasion with a religious touch thrown in. Nor should it become a display or a production to impress others or to conform to social customs. It is a service of worship in which life-long vows are made, prayers and praise offered up to God, and blessings extended.

Pastor Charlton and the staff of St. Paul Lutheran Church wish to extend assistance to you so your wedding ceremony will be a beautiful and memorable event. Care is taken to ensure that individuals are prepared spiritually and practically for their marriage. Believing that God has ordained marriage and that every wedding performed at St. Paul should be Christ-honoring.

Please Note: Our pastor is expected to conduct the service when there is a wedding held at St. Paul. We do not "rent" our sanctuary, therefore, one must be a member of the congregation in order to have a wedding service here. Any exceptions to membership are at the discretion of the pastor.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Wedding Ministry at St. Paul is to communicate the priority of a Christ-centered marriage with its foundation being a personal faith in Jesus Christ, to encourage couples to gain an understanding of the principles and guidelines of marriage as taught in the Bible, and to provide guidance to couples in planning their wedding ceremony, making it a joyous, meaningful, and worshipful celebration—signifying a new beginning of a man and woman joining their lives together for a lifetime.

Please schedule a consultation with the pastor by contacting us.

The loss of a loved one, especially a family member or close friend, can be a difficult time, and we extend heartfelt condolences. If you need counseling or would like to speak to a pastor, please let us know; we’re here to help.

Our facilities are available for funerals and memorial services. Please contact us for more information.