Week of  December 8 - December 16

15 Saturday:

7:30 LMM

9:30 LWR Quilters

16 Sunday:

8:30am Traditional Worship

9:30am Sunday School

10:30am Praise Worship

3:00 pm "Mary Did You Know" Cantata

Congregation Christmas Party

17 Monday:

1:30 pm Lectionary Study

5:45 pm Praise Team

6:00 pm Board of Deacons

6:30 pm OA

7:00 pm Council

18 Tuesday

19 Wednesday:

11:00 am Advent Service

5:00 pm Learning Den *Christmas Party

5:00 pm Kids First *Christmas Party

6:00 pm Youth Group

6:00 pm Book Lovers Club

6:30 pm Advent Service

7:00 pm AA

20 Thursday:

6:00pm Hand Bells

7:00pm Sanctuary Choir

21 Friday:

22 Saturday:

23 Sunday:

8:30 am Traditional Worship

9:40 am Adult Sunday School (No Child Sunday School until New Year)

10:30 am Praise Worship

Upcoming Events

Important dates to remember:

  • The Cantata will be held December 16 at 3:30 pm and our annual Christmas Congregation Party will follow. The theme this year is: "Starry Night: How we found our way to Jesus".
  • We will offer three services Christmas Eve: 4:30pm Family service, 7:30pm Traditional service, and an 11:00pm Candlelight service.