Shared Vision

February 2019

From the Pastor's Desk: 

This month, I want to touch on several themes in my Pastor's Article.

Thank You for Christmas Bonus

First of all, I want to begin by thanking the people of St. Paul for the generous Christmas bonus that you gave to me and to the whole staff. On behalf of the whole staff I want to say how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness. It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to serve at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School.

Thank You to Departing Council Members

Secondly, I want to thank all of the outgoing members of Church Council. Steve Humphrey, Rick Newman, Joyce Brand, Ralf Zapata, and Mary Stark have ended their terms on Council. Steve served as President during my first two years at St. Paul. I benefitted greatly from Steve's commitment, support, and wisdom. He is a major reason that my first two years have been so enjoyable to me and my family. Rick Newman has served as a Trustee for the last two years. In spite of his own illness and then the illness of Dallas, Rick stuck in and served his term. One of Rick's passions was making sure that the Praise Team and the 10:30 Service were well represented on council. Joyce agreed to serve as Deacon for Worship after the untimely death of Kathy Gresko. She has worked hard to support our Music Staff, select hymns for worship, keep our Sunday liturgy strong and vibrant, and facilitate special musical events throughout the year. Ralf has been a dedicated supporter of St. Paul Christian School as a member of the Board of Education and the chairperson of the School Board. He spent many hours consulting with Neicy and being an advocate for the school. Mary was a member of the Board of Education who worked with our Sunday School program. She used her knowledge as a school teacher to support Jo Jones and all of the teachers in our Sunday School. Her term ended when she and Tim moved to Utah in the summer. Thanks to all of the outgoing Council Members for their service to the Lord.

Welcome New Council Members

Next, I want to welcome the new members of the Congregational Council. Our new members are Duane Simmet, Paul Garvey, Joe Jellison, Vivian Lynn, and Phyllis Wade. Duane and Paul will be serving as Trustees. Joe will be Deacon for Stewardship, while Vivian will be Deacon for Worship. Phyllis will be on the Board of Education with responsibility for Confirmation and Acolytes. Steve Humphrey, while having left Council, we be serving in a new role as Treasurer. Kathy Navarro and Joy Houck with be assisting members of Council. Kathy with help our Treasurer and Joy will assist our Deacon for Evangelism. What I like about our new members is that they represent a healthy cross section of our congregation. Three of them are newer members, having joined in the last two years. The other three have been members for over ten years or more.

Pastor's Class

Suring the month of February, I will be teaching a class on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. The purpose of the class is to help us become more aware of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The focus of the class will be six GROWTH Practices to help us in this regard. During the class and following we will practice talking more openly about the Spirit's presence in our lives.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor David


St. Paul's foreign missionary, Rev. Kristin Engstrom, coordinates the ELCA's Young Adults in Global Ministry program in the African country of Senegal. Pastor Kristin grew up overseas so she was aware that life in a foreign country would be different. The people in the other countries have different cultures and different religions. It did give her an opportunity to learn French. This is necessary as Senegal was a French colony and those use French today. Pastor Kristin took her college years in the USA . She earned a Bachelor's of Art in International Relations and Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Master of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. In her free-time she likes to knit, hike, play the viola, laugh and eat cholates. Pastor Kristin wrote, when she received her assignment, "I am excited to establish the new YAGM program in Senegal, a country with amazing sense of hospitality and a unique relationship between Christians and Moslems. My time living in other cultures and countries when I was young, as well as serving as a pastoral intern in an international church, shaped and stretched my faith in God who is always bigger and more mysterious than we can comprehend. I look forward to the way that our amazing God will continue to inspire and challenge the young adults who come to live and serve alongside our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Senegal." Let us pray and financially support Pastor Kristin in her work with YAGM with our gifts to Missionary Support. Missionary news announcements are now posted on the Garden Narthex Bulletin Board opposite the Parish Hall entrance.


St. Paul, this month, is supporting International Health Partners. Why? IHP is building a Children's

Hospital in the African country of Tanzania. This Children's Hospital is to tackle one of Africa's biggest problems. The problem of the death of children under the age of five years. Africa loses many, many children every year to the lack of sanitation, childhood diseases, and lack of medical care. African countries do not have sufficient numbers of trained physicians, nurses, or technicians. This occurs as they do not have sufficient funds to train all the needed personnel or to build all the necessary medical facilities. What is built and those trained are usually for adults. Little has been done for young children. IHP saw the need for medical care for young children. It is building a hospital especially for young children and it is gathering a staff of trained pediatric specialists. They have completed an outpatient clinic which treats children with success. They are completing work on a birthing center and a natal care unit to provide mothers with a safe delivering unit and baby care. Many Tanzanian women today give birth at home (often a hut) with only a midwife for care. Let us support International Health Partners and their staff, which includes Dr. Dennis and nurse Paula Lofstrom, with our prayers and with our monetary gifts to Missionary Support. Let us help children in Tanzania have proper safe Hospital. Mission news announcements are now posted on the Garden Narthex Bulletin Board opposite the Parish Hall entrance.


International Health Partners staff members, Dr. Dennis and Paula Lofstrom are returning to St. Paul on Sunday, February 3. Come to Underdahl Hall at 9:40AM and hear them tell of the building progress and the operation of the new Children's Hospital. They will show picture of the buildings and the patients. Hear what we can do to help African children. Offering baskets will be out for your gifts to the children. They also have African art and objects for sale to raise additional money for the Children's Hospital.


February 2019 Bible Study Breakfast

The LMM monthly Bible Study and Breakfast will be Saturday, February 16, at 7:30 A. M. in the Parish Hall. We are continuing the Course on "Men." This is the sixth and final session where we will be discussing the subject "Men at Work: Performance Anxiety." The Bible study topic is "Being Content: 'The secret of being content'" (Philippians 4: 10-23). This Bible Study will follow Option 2: Advanced: Teaching with Margin Questions.

Paul closes his letter to the Philippians by returning to a thought that he began his letter with, his partnership with the Philippians. Here Paul does not have any sin to call the Philippians out on, but praise for excelling in concern and generosity. Paul indicates that the value of such generosity is not limited to the help that it provided Paul, but is primarily valuable because it brings God pleasure to see his children providing for each other out of the confidence that he will richly provide for them. This of course brings God glory.

Paul also tells how to find contentment. He wants to express his heartfelt thanks to the Philippians, but at the same time he doesn't want to give the impression that the Lord was not sufficient for his every need. He doesn't want his donors to think that he had been discontented before the gift arrived; but he does want them to know that their generosity was truly appreciated. So he combines his thanks with this valuable lesson on the secret for contentment.

Finally, Paul calls for the glory of God, echoing his prayer at the opening of the letter that the Philippians would be "filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God" (1:11).

Discussion will focus on the importance of concern and generosity for the needs of others. Also, we'll address the question of our attitude toward God's generosity to us. Have we become too concerned for ourselves and selfish, and fail to be content with all that God has given us? What is contentment as Paul describes it; and how do we acquire it? God is sure to supply all our needs out of his riches because we are in Christ and God gets the glory.

All men of the congregation are invited to attend.


Are you looking for a place to get involved with our church family? Altar Guild is one area that needs attention every week but only takes two people to get the job done. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come lend a hand in preparation for worship. For more information or an orientation at your convenience contact Regina Humphrey at 850-502-7488 or email


If you have a worn out, tattered, or faded US flag you need to properly dispose of, you can bring it to the church and Don Cleveland will deliver it to his Veterans of Foreign Wars Post for a proper and respectful disposal.


St Paul Lutheran Church has 2 AEDs for use in an emergency. One is located in the Gathering Room hanging on the east wall (near the classroom door) and the other is in the Family Life Center/School in the Lobby.

Suring the month of February, Pastor David will be teaching a class on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. The purpose of the class is to help us become more aware of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The focus of the class will be six GROWTH Practices to help us in this regard. During the class and following we will practice talking more openly about the Spirit's presence in our lives.


We had our first meeting of 2019 on Sunday, January 26th. With only four in attendance, we still managed to map out our up-coming events which includes Lenten meal, Easter baskets for the Pavilion, and our responsibilities for the Spring Gathering. Come to our next meeting, February 23 at 9:30 am to be involved in the planning of these annual winter fun-anzas!

Community Pastoral Counseling

A ministry of

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

Rev. Robert R. Lutz, PhD


American Association of

Pastoral Counselors

Call 850-843-3083 for

Information or to make an appointment


There will be a new member class on Tuesday at 6:30 pm on February 5th in Underdahl Hall. If you would like to become a part of our church family, please come! If you'd like to recruit the new members of our church family into your group, please come! We will be welcoming our new members on Sunday the 10th at both services.


The office will be closed in honor of Presidents' Day on Monday, February 18th. Of course, the Board of Deacons and the Council meetings will still take place. Because no good deed goes unpunished! Pastor David will be out of the office on Tuesday the 19th.


I have a theory I'd like to test. I think we keep Pastor so well informed on the goings on at St. Paul he doesn't read the whole newsletter. Which is perfect for informing his flock that the 25th anniversary for his ordination is this month. The actual date is February 19, but we're hoping to surprise him with cake between services on Sunday the 24. There'll be baskets left out for cards. I'm going to see how well he reads the announcement page in a couple of weeks too. Oh no, here he to go!