Job Description for School Director/Principal

Position Summary: The Director/Principal provides administrative, teaching, and

spiritual leadership to maintain a school that excels in Christian-centered education. It is

his/her responsibility to direct, lead, and inspire all aspects of the school's daily

operations with students, parents, and faculty. Through a shared passion, the Director/

Principal promotes the early childhood ministries ( faith foundation ) of the church while

building relationships with families and faculty for the overall benefit of each student.

School Profile: St. Paul Christian School is preschool through fifth grade, preparing for

accreditation; it operates in a stand-alone building, in conjunction with some rooms in

the church. Current class structure-1--3 year old ( 5 day program ), 3--VPK ( 4 year old ),

2--Kindergarten, 1--1st grade, 1--2nd/3rd combined, 1--4th/5th combined, total


Before and After School Care Program--additional 50 student enrollment.

Educational requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree in early childhood education desired.
  • Master's degree in educational administration preferred.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience teaching in a K-5 grade level, supervisor


  • Or, an equivalent combination of education and experience to successfully perform

the duties of the job as described herein.

  • Attainment within one year of employment, and maintenance of an Advanced

Director Credential and any other credentials mandated by the State of Florida.


  • Possesses and exemplifies a faith-based, Christian commitment.
  • Motivator for students and faculty in hopes to grow in their faith.
  • Ability to understand and manage a Christian school program similar to St. Paul's.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills for various age interactions.
  • Acknowledges a commitment awareness to gender and ethnic/national origin

diversity at all levels in the workplace and within the student body.

  • Must pass the State of Florida background check.

Abridged Synopsis of Vital Responsibilities:

1. Administration

  • Recognized as head of the school who supervises all faculty, oversees the entire

day-to-day school operation, along with being the academic and instructional


  • Reports directly to established, internal School Board/Board of Education, which is

a designated committee under the authority of St. Paul Lutheran Church Council.

  • Complies with State Licensing (VPK) regulations, including to complete required


  • Coordinates preparation for school accreditation requirements.
  • Supervises the maintenance of all records, and registration documents.
  • Prepares and executes school budget, along with overseeing fiscal compliance.

2. Operation

  • Plans the school year calendar/posts the established program activities.
  • Works in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, assisting in a mission capacity for

the Children Ministry of the church.

  • Reviews with the School Board assessments of school/ playground needs, and

safety issues.

  • Coordinates qualified van drivers for school transportation needs, including field


  • Coordinates schedule and activities with Aftercare Supervisor for Before/After

School Care Program and Summer Camp.

3. Development-Supervision and Personnel

  • Recruits, hires, trains, and formally evaluate all staff members in compliance with

state regulations, through personal, classroom observations.

  • Authors and oversees employee contracts.
  • Encourages and provides opportunities for team building and staff collaboration.
  • Shepherds the staff and demonstrates servant-leadership both academically and


  • Provides a vision for program development, enhancements, and school growth.

4. Curriculum and Instruction

  • Collaborates with teachers to plan instructional activities for appropriate student

learning development.

  • Evaluates the instructional curriculum and procures it along with other required


  • Incorporates Lutheran Church Calendar during school planning sessions.
  • Stays abreast of leadership, educational, management trends, and innovations

via professional development, research, professional journals, and networking.

5. Facilities and Safety

  • Monitors all safety compliance for students and faculty.
  • Reviews safety issues at regular staff meeting.
  • Oversees annual Okaloosa County Health Department inspection.

6. Marketing and Advertising

  • Maintains and updates the school handbook.
  • Assists in developing publicity awareness, including user-friendly website.
  • Implements strategies to recruit, maintain enrollment, and meet community


  • Provides school tours with prospective families.