A Word from our Council President

We will be returning to services in the church on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th. The service on Saturday evening will be at 6:30PM (Evening service). Services on Sunday will be at 8:30AM (Traditional) and 10:30aM (Contemporary Praise). Communion will be offered at each service.

We would like minimal traffic through the complex. Entrance and exit to services will be via the "Red Doors". We will be using the bathrooms in the Sanctuary, and the water fountains will be out of service. Some other considerations:

  • Use of masks encouraged but not mandatory
  • There will be hand-sanitizer stations at multiple locations
  • Every other pew blocked off to ensure a 6 ft separation between rows. We encourage use of the balcony. Please maintain 6 ft between families in pews
  • Communion
  • Single element Saturday/Sunday evening
  • Single line in center aisle (ushers help maintain 6' separation)
  • There will be hand-sanitizer at a station 2-3 rows back. Please use that before you approach Pastor David
  • Pastor David and the Communion Assistants will sanitize their hands prior to touching the Elements and will be wearing masks.
  • For Sunday 8:30 AM service:
  • Wine stations one either side. Take the host from Pastor, then turn to the side you are sitting on. The wine will be in individual cups in a tray with suitable spacing. Take your cup, then deposit empty cup in the basket provided. There will be a Communion Assistant there to take away empty trays and assist where needed.

Pastor will discontinue "curbside" Communion after Sunday May 31st. Pastor David will offer Communion, by appointment, to those not able to make it to the Saturday or Sunday services. Please call Pastor David directly to schedule ((850) 333-3304).

The complete order of service, including hymns, will be displayed on the overhead screens. A limited number of bulletins will be available primarily for those with eye sight limitations. There will be no "announcements" printed. The weekly bulleting will also be emailed, so they may be printed out at home. We will be "checking out" Hymnals (Green, Blue, or both) for those that wish to have them during this period. Once we resume regular services, we will ask for the return of the hymnals.

There will be a tray for offerings at the back of the church. Please leave your offering in that tray.

At the end of the service we will dismiss the congregation by rows, starting with the last row please wait for the usher to dismiss your row, and please maintain safe separation as you depart. During this period please refrain from entering or transiting through any other part of the facility.

Please refrain from leaving the Sanctuary from the side door to the Gathering Room. At the conclusion of the service we are going to ask for volunteers to assist the ushers and staff wipe down the high-touch areas, particularly the wooden portions of the pews. There is no readily available cleanser for rapid cleaning of the fabric portion of the pews. Please use care when touching the fabric potion of the pews.

The principle reason for the new Saturday evening service, and the extended time between the morning and evening services, is to allow time for cleaning and allow time for the sanctuary air condition system to recirculate and filter the air.

There will be music at each of the services. As the summer is the normal time without the Chancel Choir, they won't be a part of the 8:30AM service for the summer. We will not be offering nursery services, "Children's Church", nor will Children's Sunday School or Adult bible studies be offered on Sunday mornings. We will reconsider each as time and safety allow.

We are going to continue live-streaming the 8:30AM service. We continue to strongly urging anyone in the "high risk" population to continue to join us via the live streaming. The church has purchased new video equipment and will begin using this equipment to live-stream at least one of the services each Sunday. We've had such a great response to this that live-streaming at least one service every week will be a permanent part of our outreach.

St. Paul's now has a YouTube channel! We will be transitioning away from Facebook Live to the YouTube channel. YouTube is generally easier to use, does not require a special account Go to:

After you navigate to the St Paul's YouTube channel we recommend you "subscribe". Subscribing will make it easier to find our Channel in the future, and after we get 100 subscribers we can make a custom Channel name that will replace the convoluted HTML above (but if you are a subscriber the change will be transparent). Not only will you be able to live-stream our current services, you will be able to playback any of our previous services, devotionals, or special programs.

About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a people devoted to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, inviting others to become His disciples and dependable members of His church. 

Weekly Services

Evening Service 6:30 pm Saturday

Traditional Service 8:30 am Sunday 

Contemporary Service 10:30 am Sunday

Traditional Service

Our Traditional services provide a structured liturgical style following traditional settings from the Lutheran Book of Worship. Music is provided by our organist and pianist, supporting our congregation in classic hymns. 


Contemporary Service

Our Contemporary Services offer a liturgical-based order of worship and use modern praise medleys led by a Praise Team and multi-piece band. 

Holy Communion

We practice "open" communion. This means the Sacrament of Holy Communion is open to all who have been baptized and who believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in, under, and through the bread and wine, given for the forgiveness of sin, for life and salvation.